look out over the balcony
pour poison nectar over the
bad line of people
line of bad people
enemies passing by
see a person you know
she tastes the nectar
makes a face
you know her and her name
ask your roommate who is her ex if she likes ginger ale
she does like ginger ale
would you like a ginger ale?
she would

she says a ghost
won’t leave her jewelry alone
has to lock it up
anything with a bead or bauble
ghost gonna get it
see this bead she says
ghost had it for months
one day it turns up on her dresser
in a tiny box the size of a stamp
a box she’s never seen
from a store she’s never been to
in Maine
it has to be a ghost
where did the box come from

cops have questions
check your minivan for clues
they’re not buying the ghost thing
floor of the van
covered in newspapers
see, officer, it’s not me, you say,
my friend wrote this movie, you say,
and you point to an ad
for a movie called
written by Adam Chase and someone else
as if that clears you of bead theft
and the dream ends


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