you’re at that big event
with your mom
like a vfw hall or something
happy birthday
time to sing
so you sing it loud
because a comedian
on a shitty show
said everyone
sings it like
they wanna kill themselves
and you don’t wanna die

blubberkrinkle of a man
comes to the table
says you’re too loud
you put a hand on his chest
say you know where he’s coming from
he swats at you
says don’t touch him
you say don’t talk to me
and storm off

you’re in some hallways
your cat’s hanging out with you
following you like a puppy
but you pick her up
when other cats are around
you’re no monster

some alcoves are marked SCHOOL
and there’s a single desk

you go back to the table
your mom thinks you were drunk
no you say
you just wanted
to do a good job singing
she’s embarrassed

later there’s a music video
saldana and deschanel
double zoe
in a music video
for the military
they’re waist deep in mud
with soldiers in fatigues
dancing rapping singing
all wearing the same brand
of grey headphones
marketing, sure
but also a 4th wall break
dismantling the reality
of the music video universe
by showing you
how they keep time
but they’re not in time
and the dream ends


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